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Located just a few miles outside of Grand Haven, MI, The Patch is nestled between 200 acres of public land, bike paths and the Grand River. All of which you can experience while your order is being hand picked. This quaint little garden specializes in growing carrots, beets, mints, and greens for you to take home and incorporate into your own custom juice or smoothie blend. Our time-efficient menu will provide you with enough minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to maintain healthy and normal body functions throughout the day.


In addition to what we grow, we also carry a variety of artisan flours, grits, and corn meals for your home baking needs. For anyone that is interested, we offer custom orders twice a month. All orders must be preordered and will be delivered (local only) to your doorstep.

What you can expect when visiting us is nothing but the highest level of freshness and nutritional value. We encourage you to read through the glossary page to educate yourself on the health benefits you will receive when shopping with us. If interested, please call ahead and let us know you are on your way!




The Patch

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