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 Angus Beef

The delicious grass-fed beef we carry comes from Shagbark Farm. Left to roam and graze in a natural and low stress environment, Shagbark Farm produces high quality burger meat that gives you a rich and intense flavor with each and every bite.

Grounded by the Pound

All good butchery starts with the hanging process. Your meat is hung in a temperature controlled room for 2 weeks allowing for the proper break down of enzymes and moisture. Once the curing process has concluded, the meat is then grounded into burger. In the end, you will receive a high quality product that is more healthier and tastier. *All burger is 90% lean and are pre-packaged and sold by the pound. 


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Kitchen Blend

People often ask which mushrooms we use the most, and the answer is Shiitake, King Oyster, and Michigan Oyster.


These hearty, long-lasting, dense textured fungi have the most widely appealing flavor of any mushrooms Mycophile grows.


Perfect for nearly any mushroom dish, the Kitchen Classic Blend is a go to mix and we're sure it will be yours as well.

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