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Biotic components or biotic factors

Biotic components or biotic factors are any living component that affects another organism or shapes the ecosystem.

Biotic factors include human influence, human activity, pathogens, disease outbreaks, predators and prey. *Each biotic factor needs the proper amount of energy and nutrition to function day to day.

Biotic components are typically sorted into three main categories:

1. Producers (autotrophs) - convert energy (through the process of photosynthesis) into food.

2. Consumers (heterotrophs) - depend upon producers (and occasionally other consumers) for food. (Insert Picture of Shrimp Net/Sunset/3)

3. Decomposers (detritivore) - break down chemicals from producers and consumers (usually antibiotic) into simpler forms, which can be reused.

  • Autotrophs – A living thing than can make its own food from simple chemical substance such as carbon dioxide

  • Heterotroph– A living thing that gets its food from other plants or animals

  • Detritivore - An organism, such as a bacterium, fungus, or insect that feeds on dead plant or animal matter

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