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Repurposed Treasure Hunt with The Patch: 1

What did we find this time?

· 8ft wooden step latter covered in paint

· One of Canada's finest built toboggan's

· Book shelves

· Red carpet squares

· Coleman cooler

· Patio blocks

I do not know about you, but when I read through this list, the first thing that comes to my mind is a cat tree house.

What did you say? Well let me explain.

All the items we used for this project were either bought from garage sales or given to us by people who wanted to see their items be put to good use.

If you look at the bottom of the ladder, we took some old book shelves and cut them long ways to make waking planks. We covered them with red carpet to not only give a more comfortable feel but to also act as a scratching pad. We also wrapped part of the bottom step and side with thistle to act as an additional scratching pad. We thought this would be a grand slam but we were completely wrong. There seems to be no interest in it what so ever. Maybe your cat will?

The walking planks leads up to the first level which is a smooth platform made from a section we cut from the toboggan. The second level acts as a little hammock area. If you have not already guessed it, this is the front part of the toboggan that covers your feet. Very cool. Thank you Canada!

The third level is left over toboggan from the two previous levels.

This brings us to the fourth level, the paint tray area which appears to be the most used platform. We took the remaining book shelves we had, covered them in red carpet and made a nice soft platform. This is where the cat spends 90% of her time.

We positioned the latter next to an armoire that had all this open space on top doing nothing but collecting dust. Sooooo why not put a Coleman cooler up there and make a cave. What, that’s not what you were thinking?

You take a Coleman cooler, cut some book shelves up, hang a forest themed screen print, throw in a piece of wood and you end up with a cat cave. Say it aint so?

There you have it. A homemade cat treehouse.

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